Creating a Facebook Chat Bot

After learning about chat bots and hearing how people are using them to help recruiters and hiring managers interact with their resumes - I decided to build one. Since I'm not a software developer I used tools that don't require development. Here's how you can build one to promote your business, resume or Facebook group - using free software.

  1. Set up a business Facebook page: starting from your FB personal home page, click on Pages in the left navigation list, then click Create Page at the top right of the next page. Chose "Artist, Band or Public Figure" for an individual page, like a resume, or click on one of the other choices to set one up for your business or brand.
  2. Add some basic information and a picture to your new FB page using the wizard or configuration buttons.
  3. Go to and create an account. As part of your account creation, ChatFuel will ask for your FB page.
  4. Click through the tutorial which will show you the basics in about three minutes. 
  5. Build some blocks that answer questions about your business or resume - note you can add links to the answers to your blog or web site.
  6. Once you have some blocks, go to Set Up AI and create conditions - key words to which the bot will use your answer blocks. Notice you can create text answers here as well - you don't need to create a block for every set of key words.
  7. You can test your messages in ChatFuel or test them through the FB Messenger app. Check each one to make sure all your links are working and the spacing looks good.
Check out my resume bot by sending me a message from:
 Suggestions for additional questions/answers are welcome!


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