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Deciding What to Build

I recently spoke on a panel and was asked, “how do you decide which features to build next?” This was a great question and really comes down to two things:
First, as you may already know, you should build something that solves a big, painful problem for your clients. Working with the Chicago Lean Startup Circle for the last few years taught me how to figure this out – ask them if they will pay for it. This question may sound a bit mercenary but it actually helps your client figure out their priorities – involving their money helps them clarify their priorities.
For example, we’ve all been in client meetings where a client shared ideas. Frequently we’ve been pushed to build a feature because someone with a C-level title came up with the idea. In Lean Startup this is called the HIPPO – the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. If we aren’t careful, we’ll get sidetracked by HIPPO requests and spend our scarce development budget on features that only solve small, convenience problems.
When we p…