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How to Run a New Hire Bootcamp

This article will help you run a boot camp – a rapid training program for new hires. It’s a great approach if your team is growing fast and you’re hiring several people into similar roles.

Step One – Hiring: Schedule your boot camps a few weeks in the future then give the people you’re hiring the same start date. (Start dates that leave a gap before the next boot camp can erode your bottom line because untrained new hires aren’t very productive.)

Step Two – Think about travel and HR on boarding: I hire people from all over the country and my company has a standard half-day HR orientation program. With this in mind, I know my training has to start Monday afternoon after the HR on boarding and I want to leave Friday afternoon free for travel. In return for letting my new hires travel home Friday afternoon, I run boot camps from 8:00 to 6:00 Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 to noon on Friday.

Step Three – Variety: Most new hires need a mix of soft skill, industry and p…