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Tips for Communicating a Small Acquisition to Employees and Clients

This article covers communicating smaller acquisitions that fall into the category of Acquire-hire (you are acquiring a company for their talent) or an acquisition that adds additional clients and a few employees. Smaller acquisitions generally impact one or two departments in your organization and communication is often the responsibility of a department head once the ink dries.

Acquire-hire acquisitions add additional people to teams without adding additional products or service offerings. Although they may come to you with some projects in flight, once those projects are finished the new people will only work on your existing client base – your sales team won’t be selling anything new.

Since you’ve done the acquisition to add employees, prioritize on boarding and retention. You want to make them feel welcome and make sure they integrate into your organization quickly. Then think your current employees – do they see the new people as competition, a training burden or …